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Name: Annnora
How old am I: 23

in. Well, this was also before I knew I was asexual — that asexuality was a thing. But I always assumed that the romance and sex had to be hand-in-hand.

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Discovering asexuality was such a relief. What is asexuality? Aces can be any sex or gender or age or ethnic background or body type, can be rich or poor, can wear any clothing style, and can be any religion or dating affiliation. Asexual people also differ on their views on romance and whether they want it or not. Some are romantic, some are aromantic. And all are okay. I just figured it was easier. I put in my profile that I was asexual — not interested in sex — but that I still sexual a relationship.

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The responses I got at first were disheartening:. They were curious about me, and though they wanted to apparently be friends, it soon became clear it was only because I was a novelty. They thought I was strange and different. I was interesting, rather than partner material. And a lot of this comes down to lack of knowledge.

Things i’ve learned

I felt like I was a commodity in a way. I was just a source of information. And I still wanted a relationship.

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It just seemed impossible to find anyone who shared my views — especially in the rural area I lived. I think of women as people. I looked at his profile, and he seemed nice enough. I started talking to him. And of course it turned to sex.

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He wanted to know what we could do. I was honest, and the things that I said were okay — kissing and hugging — were suddenly all he wanted to talk about. And to talk about them in detail. It was starting to make me a little uncomfortable.

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But I went along with it. My definition was different, and we discussed this. Suddenly, he could not agree more. It was an instant change. And then he changed his profile. So, we were using OK Cupid which gets its users to answer questions.

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Some of these are about sex. We are meant to be! The more I talked to him, the more uneasy I got.

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It felt forced, like he was trying to prove to me that he could be in an asexual relationship. He got more and more clingy. But why?

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I can be asexual too. And that was it. Those words: I can be asexual too. You already are. Still trying to prove that we should be together. That was one of the first things he said to me. It was something he could ignore. He could work around it.

Online dating isn’t easy — especially when you’re asexual

And then he thought that he could be it too. If I had pursued that relationship, how soon would he have been pressuring me?

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I soon discovered that dating to websites for asexuals was the way to go. After all, it avoided a lot of the awkward conversations — and sexual of the scary situations, such as that guy still messaging me even up to five months later. And within the asexual community, there are a lot of different datings, depending on who people are attracted to, and whether they feel romantic attraction, for example.

I soon realised it would take a long time to find someone who was ace, who was compatible with what it means for me to be ace, who lives in the same area, who I get on with, and who I want to actually pursue a relationship with.

So, what have I learnt from dating as an sexual The super secret of a year-old woman, where she writes about her asexuality and muses about life. Get started. Open in app. Ace Girl. in Get started. Get started Open in app. Dating as an Asexual.

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You must trust your gut when it comes to potential partners. Meeting a fellow asexual can take a long time. More from Ace Girl Follow. More From Medium. Katie B in Being Human. Mark Manson.

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