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Name: Kettie
Years old: 45
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Some were dressed, some were half-dressed, and some were completely nude. Some were feeling each other up, some were making out like school kids, and some were outright fornicating right in the hallway.

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This was one of those parties in which all inhibitions were left at the door and it was do as you please and everything is all good. Teri stumbled into the hallway, interested only in finding her room, yet slightly intrigued by the festivities that she was bearing witness to.

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She was actually praying that this was the right place, as this was the kind of scene she could definitely get down with. As she walked down the hall, she could peer into the doors that were all swinging wide open and the things she saw inside of the room was even freakier than what was happening in the hallway. It was just a free-for-all sex party on the entire floor.

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