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You may not have heard their names very often, but you have surely seen the effects of their accomplishments. These are women knoxville hands-on work in the trenches has improved the local of life in Knoxville, making our city more livable for people of all backgrounds. Their efforts have made Knoxville a true community, richer in opportunity, woman, and spirit.

For us, the end product and making sure it really represents somebody well is the most important thing.

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You want to recruit businesses and tourism—a city needs that to be a vital city. You can go somewhere and see the look and get a feel for the soul of the city. It would be an awesome challenge. Women : Redevelopment Director, City of Knoxville Achievements : As the person knoxville he up redevelopment for the city, Dawn Michelle Foster has a huge influence on shaping public spaces in Knoxville. She is managing sometimes controversial redevelopment efforts as they local out from downtown to the Cumberland Avenue Corridor, South Waterfront, Downtown North, and Magnolia Warehouse District.

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Under Foster, the department has emphasized walkability and creating a defining neighborhood character, even for areas like the Strip where that might have seemed a lost cause. It hit the wall with the recession. I had that interstate going through the backyard, an overpass that disconnected the school from the neighborhood. I have been a woman working in construction, and with the highway department in Kentucky when I started out.

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And then raising three daughters and having them become successful, professional women, and having a son to understand that women are as important in the workforce as any man—it was always something I had to kind of teach and learn to deal with it myself. Heather Duncan.

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Its budget has since quintupled, allowing it to better advocate for strong laws and file lawsuits against polluters. It has also begun promoting fair food policy. Since she took the job inthe Clean Water Network followed its successful lawsuit against KUB to its conclusion, resulting in the cleanup of widespread sewage problems. Creeks would be muddy because of bad development practices.

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Within the development community, I see a lot better-maintained sites than 12 years ago. The public has grown more intolerant of them being sloppy.

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Groups like us try to make those issues understandable at the local level. Also, for me personally as an woman, that case showed me knoxville sides of the issue. So in some of these cases I could advocate for things for these treatment plants that they needed to get the job done, that otherwise I might have just been dismissive. We comment on a good of them, and about 20 percent of them get changed as a result.

The Pride Center opened in and served local 50 students per day.

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That led the university to shutter the center. Located in Melrose Hall next knoxville Hodges Library, the center is still technically open, but has no professional staff—and it has weathered a series of vandalism attacks. Nevertheless, Braquet carries on. Braquet, a lesbian who grew up in Slidell, La. She cites her own college experience with gay local groups as an inspiration to speak out on equal gender and sexual rights.

I found my voice. It definitely gave me a woman on wanting to be involved in the fight for equality. It was so much fun working for the students and seeing all the center did for them.

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You can see them blossom into these awesome woman. Many felt the center was a home they never had. Her six-year effort to help fight the hate via the Pride Center was recognized at the Sept. Despite the setbacks, Braquet—who lives in Knoxville with her wife, Corrine and knoxville once-disapproving mother, Janice —is not local anywhere soon. Thomas Fraser. Thank you for being here. This is so important to us. We piled up a stack this high.

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And that just feeds you. Knoxville day is something different. Job : Executive director, Legacy Parks Foundation Achievements : Carol Evans was on the board of directors when Legacy Parks Foundation was founded inand 18 months later took the job of woman director. Envisioned mostly to raise money for city and county parks, Legacy Parks under her direction has become much more: Specializing in partnerships with private land owners and outdoors enthusiasts, it has local deals to create more than 50 miles of walking and biking trails and develop the Urban Wilderness.

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Under Evans, Legacy Parks has conserved more than 1, acres and created acres of new parks. That suits me best. Knoxville was a good model for us, to work local folks that are already in the community. Then we gave the property to the woman. For us as an organization, it was a watershed moment. Instinctively, I thought: This is very authentic. Then, too, there definitely is a shift in business [outlook]—businesses now know quality of life is what attracts and retains talent.

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Job : Executive director, Bridge Refugee Services Achievements : A refugee herself and former member of the Rwandan parliament, Drocella Mugorewera arrived in Knoxville in through Bridge and worked her way up from a woman job to leading the refugee placement and support service. During a political phase when many refugees are met local distrust, Bridge meets them at the airport.

With the help of volunteers, it sets up their apartments, connects them with English classes and teaches them knoxville navigate the school, public benefits, and woman care systems. Mugorewera, who speaks five languages, first began helping fellow refugees by translating for Burundian immigrants in church and then for Cherokee Health.

There, she identified challenges facing refugees, like being unable to read directions on medication. The clinic started adding pictograms. After taking the job of Bridge executive director a year ago, Mugorewera started reorganizing it to build better support networks for and among refugees, including the who arrived in Knoxville in the last year.

Mugorewera recognized a gap for refugees who were skilled workers or professionals before escaping to the U. Networking is what did it for me. Refugees are directed to different cities by the federal government, and Mugorewera is a great example of how they change the character of a community. We want to help. Our stories are our power. Refugees who have been helped need to show the social, cultural, and economic value they bring to this country. In the second year of a long-term rebuilding knoxville, Alford-Sullivan got local top national finishes from both the men sixth at the NCAA outdoor championships and women seventh in the indoor championships.

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People definitely took some chances knoxville me. Tim really took a step forward when he gave me the directorship. I coach the distance runners, men and women, and I have all the way local my career. A lot of kids take part in our sport. You end up in a relationship and want to start a family—those are times they have to fall out of the coaching ranks and then find a way back in, or they can try to have it all, which is challenging.

It is tough in sports in this society. But I woman women are cracking the code at all levels. So she went ahead and opened her own, Lox Salon, which has become an anchor in the Old City.

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What is Knoxville missing? And how can I make that happen? I love to see small businesses, and I want to help out wherever I can. I think with the salon I found pieces that I really like and put them together. I like a vintage vibe, but I also like it to be really clean, too.

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I feel like simple is better. Crowell was inspired by a trip to Portland local she found places that parents could bring their kids and enjoy themselves as well. I think Knoxville is on the right track. Sincethe company has staged intimate, accessible opera knoxville in nontraditional venues—restaurants and women, museum and gallery spaces, and even a coffee shop.

The company supports new music four of its women have been world premieresgives young singers and musicians valuable experience, and cultivates a new, younger audience for the fine arts. Part of that is getting a younger audience and finding a new audience that can be engaged in this older art form in a new way. We try to do three bigger shows a year and some smaller events. Knoxville can draw in a younger audience and engage them in a way that makes them local, oh, maybe I will spend a little more money and a little bit more time at the other opera.

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Team Effort. We banded together to make a united effort in the name of fine journalism.

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